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Ctrl + majuscule + u+ 2014 = — Ctrl + majuscule + u + 153 = œ U+1E98 ẘ

Modifier la couleur

👦🏾 = \u{1F466}\u{1F3FE} Voir

illustration: unicode-combination

U+2615 ☕ café 26A1 ⚡


ß Ḹ ẘ


from emojipedia

😇 :tent: Leaf 🍃 Bund ! N’aura pas le même rendu partout Branch 🌿 Bundle :joy:

About Emoji

You can use this list of emoji shortcodes, but keep in mind that emoji shortcodes vary from application to application. Refer to your Markdown application’s documentation for more information.


Colorize the text

<font color=red> Danger </font> Danger

Typo glyphes and symbols

Unicode ? : ☕️

Special characters

  & © Æ Ď ¾ ℋ ⅆ ∲ ≧̸

ᨖ ₿ ⛑

Emoticon / emoji

Histoire : Emoticon - Wikipedia

Longue liste et les rendus selon les machines : autre liste :


Who Controls Emoji? (Hint, we want to give the power to you!)

Différents types :

emojitracker: realtime emoji use on twitter